Don’t get owned.

Stay ahead. Stay independent.

The current agency and consultancy networks are broken.

They don't serve the needs of their clients or agencies that join them. They are designed to maximize profit, monopolize industries, and maintain the status quo. They create monocultures that favor process and efficiency over individual culture and quality of thinking.

Nostos is built from the ground-up to solve the biggest problems facing modern businesses.

We're a network of best-in-class agencies with complementary skill sets and diverse industry expertise. We all share similar values and infrastructure, so working with multiple Nostos members is a seamless experience.

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Keep your ownership.

Keep your culture.

Keep your speciality.

Share the network.

Share the infrastructure.

Share the relationships.

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No more cutting corners.

No more botched timelines.

No more status quo work.

Better process.

Better relationships.

Better Work.